NYC Rainbow Book Fair!!

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The Ninth Annual New York City Rainbow Book Fair is coming up: Saturday, April 29th 12:00 – 6:00 PM at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (524 W. 59th Street). I’ve booked a spot on the 3:30 PM Reading Panel, and I’ll be around and about Bold Strokes Books’ exhibit table, talking up The City of Seven Gods, which is a 2016 Foreword INDIES finalist, in case you hadn’t heard. 🙂

The Rainbow Book Fair has a special place in my heart since it was the first venue where I did a public reading. That was back in 2013, seven months before my first novel The Seventh Pleiade came out. Eager to start doing some publicity, I answered my publisher’s call for readers, got an early run of promotional bookmarks with the cover art, and invited a bunch of my friends. Then the panic set in. What had I done? Willfully scheduled the most terrifying experience of my life? I had overcome my fear of public speaking by then, grown quite comfortable with it actually as an adjunct professor, but reading my own work was a lot more personal, sharing something I had created, in my own, less than smooth and arresting voice, in a room full of literature afficiandos. The situation brought back the horror of having to sing in front of people in sixth grade chorus and play cello solos in orchestra. Neither of those artistic pursuits panned out for me by the way.

When the day came, it was far less scary than I had pictured. One thing that makes readings a hell of a lot easier than other kinds of performance is that no matter how petrified you are, you can’t forget the words, the notes to hit, since they’re right there in the book you’re holding in your sweaty, shaking hand. Unless the panic strikes you blind. I guess that can happen. But it didn’t happen for me. I gave a well-articulated, stilted reading of one of my favorite scenes from the book, and people clapped politely while my awesome friends cheered and congratulated me. Afterwards we went out for drinks to celebrate. It turned out to be one of those great days you remember forever, and I was so proud to be part of the LGBT literary community.

Now, with that kind of personal endorsement, how could you not check out The Rainbow Book Fair this year?

I’ll be on the 3:30 Bold Strokes Showcase which includes three lesbian authors (Jean Copeland, Maggie Cummings, M. Ullrich), and gay horror author and my good pal David W. Kelly. Before or after that, you can catch me at my publisher’s exhibit table or hobnobbing around the floor. The Fair is a good place to discover lesser-known LGBT titles, both fiction and non-fiction, children’s, young adult and adult, and with the shrinking number of brick and mortar LGBT bookstores, how often do you get a chance to physically browse books these days?

I hope to see you there!


Come on out to Saints & Sinners!

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Collage of images from past SAS Fests, retrieved from

The time has arrived! The Saints and Sinners Literary Festival is happening this weekend: March 24th – 26th, and I am headed down to New Orleans to take part in the fun.

If you’re in the area, come on over to the Hotel Monteleone (214 Royal Street) in the French Quarter to see a great line-up of authors and celebrities including, among others, Dorothy Allison, Justin Torres, Dick Cavett, Robert Wagner, Jill St. John, Wally Lamb, Andrew Holleran, Felice Picano, Michael Thomas Ford, Jake Shears, and Kyan Douglas.

And after that bit of high powered name-dropping, I have the nerve to mention there’s a place for me in the program, with a reading and Q&A from The City of Seven Gods on Saturday, March 25th 1:00 PM in Hotel Monteleone’s Cabildo Room.

Don’t let me be the only one in the room while everyone else is fighting to chat up Dick Cavett. 🙂

Festival passes ($150) are still on sale and can be purchased here.

From the website: The Saints and Sinners Literary Festival was founded in 2003 as a new initiative designed as an innovative way to reach the community with information about HIV/AIDS, particularly disseminating prevention messages via the writers, thinkers and spokes-people of the LGBT community. It was also formed to bring the LGBT literary community together to celebrate the literary arts.

The Festival has grown into an internationally-recognized event that brings together a who’s who of LGBT publishers, writers and readers from throughout the United States and beyond. The Festival, held over 3 days each Spring, features panel discussions and master classes around literary topics that provide a forum for authors, editors and publishers to talk about their work for the benefit of emerging writers and the enjoyment of fans of LGBT literature.

Sound good? Check it out!


The City of Seven Gods is a 2016 Foreword Indies Finalist!

I received some great news today that I’m mighty proud to share. The City of Seven Gods was chosen as a finalist for Foreword Indies Awards’ 2016 Best Book of the Year in the fantasy category. That’s a real nice honor for a little author like me. Over 2,000 titles were entered for competition, and the fantasy shortlist includes just fifteen. I’ve never received recognition from Foreword before, and it’s kind of cool that The City of Seven Gods qualified for both their fantasy and LGBT categories and was singled out for fantasy, bring a little queer into the fantasy “mainstream.”

I wouldn’t have minded if the book got a finalist spot in both categories, though that would have been greedy. 🙂

Here’s some info and buzz about what I can now call a critically-acclaimed, sleeper novel. The story takes place in the fictional world of Qabbat’lee, where a young priest and a barbarian mercenary must refashion themselves after their lives are uprooted by betrayal.

Kelemun was bought from his peasant parents to tend the inner sanctum of the house of Aknon, where wealthy men pay mountain sapphires to behold the beautiful servants of the god. Chosen to bring offerings to Caliph, Kelemun captures the fascination of the young prince Praxtor who has never been denied anything his heart desires.

Ja’bar was hired to roughhouse wayward proselytes for the high priest Aknon-Horheb. In Qabbat’lee, it’s good paying work for a Stripeling, a jungle savage in the eyes of the city natives, and if he’s stingy and stays out of trouble, it will buy him a plot of river land.

But the splendor of Qabbat’lee is a mirage disguising a grotesquerie of corruption. When Kelemun and Ja’bar’s threads of fate entwine on a night of chilling betrayal, their only hope for redemption and survival may lie in one another.

“★★★★★ A fascinating look into mythology.” ~Kaelan Rhywiol

“★★★★★ One of my favorite reads of 2016. A brilliant story…and a must read!” ~Frédéric Michaud, for The Jeep Diva

“Peters delivers another world rich with details from the ancient past, and with a compelling LGBT twist.” ~The Novel Approach

Foreword will announce its 2016 Best Book winners in June. In the meantime, you can pick up a copy at the Bold Strokes Books webstore, or any of your favorite booksellers. 🙂



Some upcoming appearances and other news

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Hello again friends! I had to sneak away for a while due to some personal travel (Happy B’day Jurgen!!), and on the return, I received the edits for Werecat #4, which kept me busy for some time. That manuscript is off to the next stage of production. I’m excited, and, having gotten a bit of a rep for leaving loose ends in my books, I’m quite satisfied to say that this installment brings the Werecat saga to a close.

Saying that out loud–or I should say typing that out loud–I’m a little sad as well. Jacks has been a part of my life for five years, and now I’m finally saying goodbye to him. At least for the near future. It’s possible I suppose that a totally different adventure lays ahead of him, though I’ve queued up a good bit of work to do continuing my other series (Poseidon & Cleito and The Lost Histories) before I can think about expanding his story. Don’t forget: For a limited time, I’m providing new mailing list subscribers with a free copy of Werecat #1 as a thank you and a special promotion for the upcoming release of the final book. Just fill out the form up the page a little and to the right.

Meanwhile, I wanted to let folks know about two upcoming events I’ll be participating in.

First, I will be at the 2017 Saints and Sinners Literary Festival from March 24th – March 26th. This is an event I’ve been wanting to go to for several years. It was created to celebrate LGBT literature while bringing attention to HIV/AIDS specifically. That’s completely up my alley, and the festival takes place in New Orleans, which I’ve always wanted to visit. So, just a few days into the New Year, I decided to clear out my schedule and pony up the money for a flight and lodging because this is the year for me to go. The festival program will be released soon, so stay tuned for information on the panels, the workshops, and the special guests. They have already announced a terrific list of headliners: Dorothy Allison, Justin Torres, and Felice Picano, among others. I expect to be on an author panel where I’ll be talking about The City of Seven Gods. Here’s the festival website for preliminary information about this year’s event.

Next, the ninth annual New York City Rainbow Book Fair is on, and I’ll be there along with fellow Bold Strokes Books authors including my good pals Daniel W. Kelly and Eric Andrews-Katz. The fair has an expanded venue at John Jay College and will take place Saturday, April 29th. Programming for that event is also in progress, and you can find out more about it here.

Winter sale: Poseidon and Cleito

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Didn’t get a chance to pick up Poseidon and Cleito yet? The time might be right, as this month it’s on sale for just $2.99 at Amazon, Kobo, iTunes and

Here’s some recent reviews of the book:

“Poseidon is a mighty barbarian leader, and Cleito’s a commendably strong woman with a ruthless streak. Alternating between Poseidon’s and Cleito’s points of view…gives the story a wonderful counterpoint while illuminating two very separate cultures…. A fresh twist on an old sea myth, complete with magic, intrigue, and plenty of old-school adventures.” ~ Kirkus Review

“Recommended for lovers of myth and historical fiction.” ~ Author Carol Holland March

“The story is well written and the cast interesting, while the complexity of the political relationships…are quite well drawn.” ~ Author Margaret McGaffey Fisk

“I enjoy hearing the “other side” of classic stories and found it interesting to hear more about a character I knew next to nothing about.” ~ Author Suzanne Blaney

“Highly recommended for fans of Greek mythology and vivid storytelling.” ~ Kindle reviewer YouThere

Meanwhile, I thought I’d get another plug in about a promotion running for another one of my books. For a limited time, sign up for my mailing list above and get an e-book copy of The Rearing (Werecat, Book 1). You can get started on the series before the final installment comes out later this year.