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Theseus and the Minotaur, Part Two

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This week I’m posting the second installment in my retold story: “Theseus and the Minotaur.” If you missed Part One, you can read it here.

In this section, Ariadne enters as a full-fledged supporting character. She may be the most intriguing figure in the myth in that, unlike the famous romances of Paris and Helen, and Perseus and Andromeda, the nature of her relationship with the hero Theseus is curiously unclear. Did she help Theseus because she loved him? Why did she not continue with him to Athens? Did they part ways by mutual agreement or by some accident. The accounts of that part of her story are strangely unclear, and good fodder for the imagination.

Theseus and the Minotaur

Introducing…Theseus and the Minotaur (Part One)

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I’ve always loved the story of Theseus and the Minotaur, which is credited to second century B.C.E. historian Apollodorus of Athens in Edith Hamilton’s Mythology, and Plutarch and Ovid elsewhere. It’s so imaginative, and it’s been an enduring inspiration source for artwork, fantasy, and gaming.

Coming soon: Retold Classical Shorts

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It can now all be revealed. The reason I haven’t posted in a while is that I’ve been up to a super sekrit project. Very soon I’ll be sharing that project far and wide.

Here’s the story: a little bit before the new year, I was puzzling to myself (does one puzzle to oneself? I don’t know. I’m going with it), anyway, I was thinking: it’s awfully hard keeping this website fresh and dynamic when I’m publishing like one, or maybe two novels per year. Those new releases are exciting (to me at least), and I’ve shared some excerpts and book extras over the years, but the truth is I don’t have a ton of creative content for visitors to get to know my writing.

Chavin stirrup-spouted jar

The Jaguar of the Backward Glance

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I discovered this intriguing bit of werecat mythology while doing research for the forthcoming, final installment of my Werecat series: The Sim Ru Prophecy. In Chavin culture, a pre-Incan civilization that resided in the region of modern day Peru, potters made clay jars shaped like seated, curled cats. Like ancient Amerindian artwork elsewhere, the cat’s head is exaggerated, almost cartoonish, but the rosette spots are suggestive of the jaguar, which thrived in the region at the time.