In search of feline iconography in Mexico City

Husband and I spent last week in Mexico City, which was a first time trip for both of us. We were hosted by friends who own an amazing B&B in the Condesa district, and I have to give their business a plug, even though it hardly needs it. The guys Craig and Jorge have established the top rated B&B in Mexico City, and the place is thriving: The Red Tree House.

The Red Tree House

Here I am relaxing in the garden courtyard.

The Red Tree House

The dining area, which is decorated with artwork by local artists










We did a lot of museum-hopping, visiting markets, and strolling around the Centro Historico, and of course I could not resist searching out artifacts of feline mysticism, and no doubt boring the hell out of our hosts and the other guests while talking about my obsesssion. Mexico City is built on Tenochtitlan, an ancient Aztec settlement. They were a people who worshipped a jaguar god and had a legendary military of Jaguar Knights! How could I resist?!!

Here are some images I found while out and about.

Jaguar relief

Fragment of a mural at the Templo Mayor museum, preserving artwork from Tenochtitlan

Jaguar taxidermy

Jaguar taxidermy, also at the Templo Mayor museum

Mural, jaguar and serpent

Mural in the lobby of the Museum of Anthropology. The jaguar and the snake were both creatures that featured prominently in early Mesoamerican religious beliefs.

Jaguar mural

Portion of a mural from the Teotihaucan gallery at the Museum of Anthropology

Jaguar statue, Zapotec origin

Jaguar urn

Jaguar urn, Mayan origin

Mayan codex

Mayan codex at the Museum of Anthropology. Of particular interest to me due to my fictional Sim Ru Prophecy of Werecat #4

Olmec head

Ancient Olmec head, some of which are believed to represent an anthropomorphic jaguar god.

Werejaguar god

The Olmec gallery at the Museum of Anthropology was where I knew I would strike it rich. This statue has been identified as a werejaguar god (or priest).

Werejaguar baby

One of many Olmec statues believed to represent a werejaguar baby.

Ciudadela market

This little stall in the Ciudadela market was populated by at least five cats (that I could see). I took a look inside on an intuition they might have something interesting in there. Though I didn’t end up buying anything.

Jaguar pipe

I did pick up this trinket at Ciudadela, which has a pipe that makes a jaguar roar when you blow into it.

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