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About a month ago, The Rearing (Werecat, Book 1) went permafree at Amazon,, iTunes, and Kobo. It was a strategy I talked about with the publisher in order to give the series a boost, also coinciding with the release of the fourth and final installment The Sim Ru Prophecy.

That free e-book of The Rearing has a link inside to download The Glaring (Werecat, Book 2) for free as well when you sign up for the publisher’s fantasy and sci fi mailing list. And, you can also get the second book for free directly when you sign up for that list:

After that, I’m afraid you’re on your own, though you can pick up the third installment The Fugitive for just $1.99 at e-retailers, and the e-book of the fourth book is just $3.99 (it’s novel length). If you want to spread the word about the series, leave a rating or review at the place where you downloaded or purchased the books, and/or Goodreads or wherever you like to discuss books. That helps tremendously and earns my undying gratitude. 🙂

I mentioned previously the some exciting things happened when The Rearing first went permafree. It skyrocketed on Amazon’s sales ranking charts, going as high as #3 in its category (gay fiction) and staying in the top ten since then.

The permafree strategy seems to be paying off. I just found out from my publisher that The Rearing has had over 2,000 downloads on Amazon in the past month and gave a nice spike of sales of Books 2 and 3. The free book has also received four new reviews at Amazon and eight new reviews at Goodreads. The later books have garned a good number of new readers at Goodreads as well as a handful of reviews there.

Meanwhile, I’m working hard to promote The Sim Ru Prophecy in the blogosphere, and I’m grateful to Queer Sci Fi and Dawn’s Reading Nook for featuring the title earlier this month. The Trilogy and The Sim Ru Prophecy got awesome reviews at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words (big thanks to Melanie!). In the coming weeks, there will be reviews coming out from The Hopeless Bibliophile Blog and Out in Print, and hopefully more!

Werecat: The Glaring

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