myth and magicAn anthology of retold fairy tales, Myth and Magic includes my short story “The Vain Prince,” which is a mash-up of The Frog Prince and Giacomo Puccini’s opera Turandot. It’s the story of Adalbert, the legendarily beautiful and legendarily obnoxious son of King Heinrich of the land of Evermore.

Originally published in Ganymede Literary Journal, the story earned praise from Chroma Journal: “An adorably amusing fairy tale.  Peters’ fairy tale anti-hero, Adalbert, is rather like a queer Turandot, and his prose swaggers along like a drunken queen in a nightclub, the very antithesis of what a fairytale should be.”

The Trouble with Finklesteins

Newtown Literary Issue 2

A monthly gathering of two friends from Kew Gardens, NY exposes long suppressed jealousies and a terrible secret.

You can read “The Trouble with Finklesteins” in Newtown Literary Issue 2 – Spring/Summer 2013.





“Crotchwatchers” is a short story about two teens headed down divergent paths, set against New York City’s 1990’s-era Christopher Street piers.  The story came out in Diverse Voices Quarterly, Volume 3 Issue 11/12.



Mike’s Pond

Mike's Pond Cover ArtWhen a twelve-year old takes a dare to go down after dark to an abandoned lot, steeped in horror-style urban legends, he discovers something much more frightening than he had imagined.

“Mike’s Pond” is a fictionalized memoir about growing up in Amherst, NY.  The story originally appeared in Wilde Oats Issue Nine and is now available for free at Smashwords.




In A Wine Phase


My short story “In A Wine Phase” originally appeared in Wilde Oats Issue 5, and was selected for the five-year anniversary “best of” anthology Wilde Oats Issue 14.  In A Wine Phase is a contemporary tale of a gay couple in trouble, temptation and what constitutes family.