Coming soon: Retold Classical Shorts

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It can now all be revealed. The reason I haven’t posted in a while is that I’ve been working on a super sekrit project. Very soon I’ll be sharing that project with you, dear reader.

Here’s the story: a little bit before the new year, I was puzzling to myself (does one puzzle to oneself? I don’t know. That sounds like sloppy wordsmanship, but I’m going with it), anyway, I was thinking: it’s awfully hard keeping this website fresh and dynamic when I’m publishing like one, or maybe two novels per year. Those new releases are exciting (to me at least), and I’ve shared some excerpts and book extras over the years. But the sad truth is I don’t have a ton of creative content for visitors to get to know my writing.

That’s actually an easy fix if you click on one of my buy links and click through to make a purchase, which you totally CAN DO if you haven’t tried it. Really. But that’s not the main point I’m trying to make here.

So back to the origins of this project, it occurred to me:

A. What about writing some short stories and posting them on my website?


2. How about doing something I love, like retelling stories from classical mythology, most likely from a queer POV?

which led to,

III. Herm…if that goes well after a couple of stories, maybe I can take requests from readers on what myths or legends they’d like to see me rewrite.


dd. Well, if that goes super well, maybe some day I can package the stories together in a Super Sekrit Classical Mythology Short Story Collection!


v. I’m going to do this goddamn it and it’s going to be Awesome, or maybe awesome with a little a, or maybe awesome said in a tiny, quivering voice that you think is coming from your floorboard, but you can’t be sure, it might just be the heat coming up the pipes.

Yep, that’s my thought process from alpha to omega, and you’ll just have to tune in and see how it turns out.

First up will be a retelling of Theseus and the Minotaur. I won’t reveal too much of where I’m going with the story since that would kind of kill the super sekritness. But I can report that I’ve been working on it for the past three weeks, and it’s morphed into a longish short that will probably require releasing it here in segments.

The story is presently with beta readers, and I’m hoping, really hoping to have it out in February. It’s written in a classical style and a classical time period, but I’m thinking about experimenting in the future with some contemporary retellings and maybe even some humorous retellings. I’m looking forward to sharing how that turns out.

Meanwhile, if you’re dying, really dying to ask me to slash your favorite classical myth, for christ’s sake, just ask me. I’m totally reasonable about things like that.


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