Visual inspiration for The Sim Ru Prophecy #Werecat4ReleaseWeek

Yep. You might have felt it. #Werecat4ReleaseWeek


I’ve been posting special features about The Sim Ru Prophecy all week to celebrate the release of the fourth and final installment of the Werecat series. You can buy the paperback at Amazon or, or pick up the e-book at Kindle Exclusive.

I also recently updated my Werecat board on Pinterest to include some inspirations for the story. The Sim Ru Prophecy is the longest book in the series (hey, it worked for J.K. Rowling), and it delves deeper into werecat mythology, introduces a bunch of new characters, and has the hero Jacks, along with his trusty boyfriend Farzan, and his trusty cat Bella, on the run through many exotic locales.

Jacks' Journey in Werecat #4

I made this map of Jacks’ journey in Werecat #4 using Google maps. It’s a lot easier to look at if you open it in a new tab. My technological genius. 🙂

The story begins with Jacks in Caracas, Venezuela, and his adventure proceeds to Puerto Ayacucho, then outside of Palanquero, Colombia, onward on a series of flights to the fictional Boca do Ango in the western Brazilian Amazon, then off to Apia, Samoa, and finally cruising across the Pacific Ocean, through the Panama Canal, to the Western Caribbean Sea and landing in Yucatan, Mexico.

Werecat #4 also brings together the full story on werecat mythology, which includes six centers of the werecat diaspora, which I’ve represented visually here:

Ashanti witchdoctor

Ashanti witchdoctors knew the practice of ‘obeye,’ harnessing the soul of animals such as the leopard and the lion.

Jade sculpture of an Olmec Werejaguar god, retrieved from


White lion

Lion shifters were born from the Zulu white lion god.

Suea Saming Were Tigress

Figurine of a Suea Saming weretigress, an artifact of an ancient Southeast Asian belief.

Waghia, Lord of the Tigers

A young man dressed as Waghia, lord of the tigers, a vestige of ancient folk beliefs in the Indian subcontinent.

Ani Sahoni Clan

Shapeshifting in North America originated from the practices of the Cherokee Ani-Sahoni Wildcat Clan

I also found some images of guys that, erm, inspired me. What does a werecat look like in human form? Well, the book is a work of fiction.

Francois Arnaud, an inspiration point for the hero Jacks


Actor Suraj Sharma, who would fit quite well as Farzan (and also seems to like big cats)

Jacks travels through South America with his loyal friend Kwame, an Ashanti werelion.

Werecat #4 introduces the character of Agent Sowanaki

Che Guevara figures into the story…

And just a cute guy who could be hanging out on Maarten’s yacht.












You can check out the whole collage of images on my Pinterest Werecat board:


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