#Werecat4ReleaseWeek: Werecat #1 Tops the Charts!

The Rearing, the first installment of my Werecat series, went permafree this past weekend so that readers can dig into the story in advance of the release of the final book, which went on sale just yesterday.

If you’ve ever wondered whether that strategy makes a difference, I’m here to tell you: It does! That first title jettisoned up the best seller charts at the Kindle store and has held the #1 spot in free books/gay fiction for the past three days. I was so excited, I took a screen shot.

That’s not making me any money directly, but the nice thing is that the other titles in the series have also seen a nice boost in sales rankings, and The Rearing also picked up some new reviews. As a small press author, really, more than anything, it’s rewarding to see that more readers are discovering the series. I don’t know that I’m headed for fame and fortune, but it’s great to know that people are taking the time to download, and hopefully read, something that I wrote.

Here’s where you can download The Rearing for free at the Kindle store. Got a gripe against Amazon? No problem. You can also get the book for free at BN.com, Kobo, and iTunes. If you want to leave a rating/review, well, that’s awfully nice of you since it helps a ton to spread the word.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t heard, the last chapter in the saga is also available for purchase. It’s called The Sim Ru Prophecy, and you can get the e-book for just $3.99 at Kindle Exclusive. The paperback at $16.95 is available at Amazon and BN.com.

Next up for #Werecat4ReleaseWeek: some images that inspired the story. Stay tuned!




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