Visit Prism Book Alliance for a CoSG special feature and giveaway

Just dinging a little media alert about my latest release The City of Seven Gods.

Brandilyn and her staff were kind enough to host a guest post and giveaway over at the LGBT fiction fan site Prism Book Alliance.

My post takes readers behind the story, and inside myself really. It’s titled: “On Writing about Taboo Topics.” I talk about the sources of inspiration for the book, and it’s also a bit of a confessional.

“I’m always excited to have a new release out, but I have to admit, I had some trepidation about reader reactions to my latest title. It’s only hinted at in the blurb, but the co-lead characters are a temple prostitute and a freed slave of a foreign race.”

You can read the full guest post here, and if you drop a comment at PBA, I’ll enter you into a raffle for a free e-book copy of the book.

Good luck, and many thanks to PBA for helping to spread the word!

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