History Imagined features an interview with Cleito

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Cleito prototype

Images of Cleito are hard to find. This is an artist’s rendition of Rhea, mother of Poseidon, that I found on Pinterest. I thought it was also a good prototype for the character.

Historical fiction fan site History Imagined asked me to do an interview with Cleito for their weekly Getting into Character feature. It was a lot of fun playing a James Lipton-style talk-show host to the obscure queen of Atlantis, illuminated for the first time in my recent release Poseidon and Cleito. She was one of my very favorite characters to write, and as I hear, one of the favorites among readers. Smart, eloquent, dry-witted, and maniacally determined, she is a force to be reckoned with in the story, straddling the line between hero and villain.

You can read the interview here.

History Imagined is the creation of authors Linda Bennett Pennell, Caroline Warfield, and Becky Lower. Their blog explores many facets of historical fiction with a particular interest in strong portrayals of women.



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