Notes from the Underground

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A Wordle or “word cloud” created from Dostoyevsky’s Notes from the Underground, retrieved from

I thought I’d pop my head out of the social media manhole where I’ve been hiding these past few weeks. I’ve never been a wiz at keeping up a dynamic presence here and over at my other haunts like Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads. The month of August was particularly sketchy for me since I had deadlines for two projects.

That does make for some exciting news…


I finished the last round of proofreading, and Banished Sons of Poseidon is in its final stages of production. Advance Review Copies (ARCs) should be available real soon. The book, a sequel to The Seventh Pleiade, releases on October 13, 2015.

And, I completed the manuscript for a farther upcoming release titled The City of Seven Gods. It’s another ancient world-themed novel with less magic and more Game of Thrones-ish drama, not for the kids table at Thanksgiving dinner. The book was picked up by Bold Strokes, and it’s on the production schedule for an April 2016 release.

Other than that, I’ve snuck in some tennis watching (Go Federer, winning a master’s event in Cincinnati!), and beach-going, and weekend barbecues. Of the latter, I have the mosquito bites to prove it. I’m writing this post while scratching away at my ankles. Grrr…

Oh, I also discovered Terry Pratchett! Well, just his books I’m afraid, may he RIP. I sped through Dodger this summer and was blown away. That’s the way books should be written IMHO: ferociously clever, utterly transporting, satisfyingly tragic and triumphant (and with far less adverbs).

So what did you do this summer?


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