Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays

I will be traveling the next few days to visit mom and dad and old friends in my hometown Buffalo, New York.

A parting gift for me: my Goodreads Werecat giveaway ended last night, and the book is headed off to a winner in Romania! I wasn’t counting on that extra postage, but I’m excited that Werecat is headed overseas, perhaps appropriately to the Transylvania region. 🙂

Thanks so much for a terrific year. You supported the release of The Glaring (Werecat, Book 2) in March, The Fugitive (Werecat, Book 3) in November, and just recently the special edition paperback The Trilogy.

Through the year there have been blog hops, and I’ve had the chance to write for some awesome sites like The Good Men Project, GayYA and Dear Teen Me. Of course, the big project has been finishing my manuscript for the follow-up to The Seventh Pleiade. That is almost done and will be coming out in late 2015!

Wishing you a safe, peaceful, dreamy holiday!

xoxo Andrew


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Andrew J. Peters writes fantasy for readers of all ages. His titles include the Werecat series, a finalist in The Romance Reviews' Readers' Choice Awards, Poseidon and Cleito, The City of Seven Gods, and two books for young adults: The Seventh Pleiade and Banished Sons of Poseidon. He grew up in Buffalo, New York, studied psychology at Cornell University, and spent most of his career as a social worker and an advocate for LGBT youth. He lives in New York City with his husband Genaro and their cat Chloë.

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