Hurricane Sandy Comes and Goes

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Thanks to everyone for their concern during Hurricane Sandy.

My honey-bunny and I (and Chloë) are just fine. We are extremely lucky to live on high ground in Queens.

We spent a nervous evening with wind gusts shrieking around us from all four corners of our eighth floor apartment. But we didn’t lose power, and we were safe and cozy, snacking on our Halloween candy and watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, as well as Golden Girls re-runs.

How and when I will return to work is a big question mark, with the status of subways and trains uncertain. But that’s a really minor inconvenience considering the damage in other areas of the city.

My best wishes to my fellow New Yorkers during the recovery.

View of Kew Gardens, October 30, 2012. Gloomy but pretty much unscathed.

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